Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I'm Working On

Today I am working up some wedding invitation samples for my friend Katie who is getting married in September.  Here are some of the ideas I came up with.  Her color scheme is plum and clover, and the theme is hearts.  Which invite would you choose?

 #1- This invite is cream with a sage colored band and heart motif.

 #2- This square invitation has an embossed band and monogram.

 #3-This bi-fold square invite features a die cut design and monogram.

 #4- This bi-fold design has an embossed cover, and features the couple's monogram.

 #5- This classic bi-fold invitation has an embossed cover.

 #5b- Here is an inside view.  It has a die cut script monogram.

 #6- This is a casual example.  The heart is embossed with a damask print.

 #7- here is another casual, simple design.  It features an embossed heart.

 #8- This elegant choice is square, and features a die cut overlay.

 #8b- This is the inside.

     #9- This invitation features an embossed band with the couple's monogram.

 #10 This invite features a large embossed heart.

So which one would you pick?

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