Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Paint a Dresser

     Ever have a hard time getting rid of something that you think still has some life in it?  I am constantly feeling this way.  Just ask Brett who has to put up with a garage full of "potential" and a wife who keeps bringing home junk she finds.  Today, I am showing how to salvage an old dresser.  The specimen today is one from my youth.  I have had this lingerie chest since I was a little girl, and structurally, it is sound.  I had it for a while in my son's room when it was Ohio State themed, but now my husband is in need of a dresser for his t-shirts, socks, etc.  I could buy a dresser, but why would I do that when I can revamp a decent one to match my bedroom?
     So here's what I did.  First, I took the dresser outside. Hint: It is way easier to carry with the drawers out.  I removed the hardware and  sanded it with my power sander on all the flat, large surfaces, and used an old fashioned sand block to complete the little nooks and crannies.
When all the sheen was worn off of the dresser and drawers, I primed it with a spray primer.  The reason I used spray is because it's so easy.  I dusted a light covering, then returned for a second covering. 

I then used interior satin paint to give this baby some new life.  I used a soft paintbrush, but you can also use a roller for the large surfaces.  I did two coats of paint, making sure to let each coat dry completely before moving on.
I then replaced the old, outdated hardware with some new knobs and cup pulls from Home Depot.

This dresser only looks like a shadow of its former self!  Out is the childish look, and in is a spohisticated chest of drawers for a classy couple's bedroom. (Or even ours!)

Time elapsed: One afternoon
Rating: Easy

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