Friday, February 25, 2011

Awesome Website for FREE Templates!

     I just found this fun website called Mirkwood Designs that offers pdf formatted templates for FREE.  You just choose the ones you want, and print them off. How sweet is that?  The templates are for envelopes, cards, boxes, bags, and more.  I was excited to find a template for library card envelopes. What will you be able to use?  Check it out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Working On Wednesday

     Our family is currently preparing for an upcoming move to Newport, Rhode Island, but that doesn't mean things will slow down for us to catch our breaths.  Things here are as busy as ever while I am simultaneously finishing up my MOPS group's newsletter, a cookbook compiled by the MOPS ladies, getting our house ready to rent out, and training for a half-marathon that is only a month away now.  Oh, yeah, and being Mommy to my little rug rats.
    That being said, I can always find a little time to be creative.  It is my outlet.  So here's what I'm working on today: a bunch of thank-you notes for the helpers at church who watch our kiddos while we do "official" MOPS business.  I'd rather be busy than bored!  Hope you're enjoying your Wednesday!

 This set of cards will be monogrammed for a customer.
I just received this shipment of envelopes with European flaps.  I heart envelopes!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Note Pad Tutorial

     I just love having a little note pad on hand to jot down little ditties.  Of course, I am a stationery nerd, but note pads truly are great for business promotion, or a thoughtful little gift for a friend.  Here's the cheap and easy way you can make yours at home.

1. Start by formatting a document in Microsoft Word.  Decide what shape you would like.  I chose to maximize my paper use by selecting an A2 (quarters of one piece of letter paper) size.  You could choose whatever size or shape you would like.

 2. Cut paper. I used my handy guillotine paper trimmer, which I couldn't live without.  Then stack paper neatly.

I just wanted to show you some of the detail of my note pad.  I chose to make one as a promotional item for my Etsy shop, Dragonfly Papers.

3. Flip paper over, and lay a cut piece of cardbord or chipboard on the back.  This will provide stability for your note pad.

4. Place pieces of text paper on front and back.  This will serve as a protectant for your pad since smearing on the sealant will get a little messy.  Clip paper together with binder clips.  These can be purchased at any office supply store.  The ones pictured were purchased at Michael's bargain bin for $.16.

5. Smear a silicone based sealant (found at Lowe's or Walmart) across the top of your note pad.  Smooth with your finger.

Here is a picture of the sealant I used.

6. Allow to dry overnight.  Peel protective pages away, and behold your cute note pad, perfect for promotion, gift or just your own personal doodle pad.  Pages will tear away cleanly.

Other suggested ideas for note pads:
Make your own mat stack pad out of scrapbook paper for a friend.
Make a design with your monogram.
Make a pad of tear away coloring pages for your child.
Make a note pad for your shopping lists.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Favorite Valentine Items

     Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to think about cute decorations, scrumptious desserts, and that special someone.  Here are some of my favorite finds from my fellow Etsians.

This precious onesie is by codysboutique, and perfect for Valetines, or anytime!

This cutie is from our shop, Dragonfly Papers, and all of our greeting cards ship FREE!

This delicate necklace features your love's monogram.  Made by laurrose, it is sure to make your Valentine one happy girl!

 These tags by Dragonfly Papers are perfect for card making, gifts and favors.

I adore these accent pillows, made to look like Scrabble tiles.  Made by chunkymonkeyluv, they are the subtle touch your home needs for the Valentine's season.

My Steal This Week 1/30-2/5

     People are always asking how I get my deals.  There's really nothing to it.  Couponing is a bit like problem solving--matching up the perfect sale with the right coupons and/or rebates.  Below is my best score of the week, and how I did it.

$21.07 PROFIT!!

      I got this awesome score at Rite Aid.  Their new Video Values for February were just posted.  These are short video advertisements you watch to earn dollars off your next purchase.  This month there are an outstanding $9 FREE to earn by watching these videos, along with valuable coupons as well.  Rite Aid is also running a "Heart Health" campaign where they will give you a $10 Up Reward for every $30 Spent on marked items, or an awesome $20 Up reward for $50 spent.
So here's the breakdown:

Coricidin                              $5.99
  -$2 Video Value Coupon
  -$2 Manufacturer's Coupon (Sunday paper)
  +$4 Up Reward   
Coricidin x 2                        $11.98
  -$2Man. coupon (was on
  -$2 Man. coupon(")
  +$4 Up Reward
  +$4 Up Reward     
Afrin                                     $5.99
  -$2 Video Value Coupon
  -$3 Man Coupon (
  +$4 Up  Reward
Colgate x 3                           $8.97
  -$1 Man coupon (Sunday Paper)
  -$1 Man coupon (Sunday Paper) 
  +$2 Up Reward
  +$2 Up Reward
  +$2 Up Reward
Other Coupons:
  -$4 off $20 Video Value
  -1 VV
  -1 VV
  -1 VV
Total Cost:                                     $32.93
-Coupons:                                     -$22.00
+Up Rewards                               +$22.00
Bonus Up Reward (when you      +$10.00 
spend $30 on Heart Health promotion)
Total  out of pocket                     $10.93
 and $32 Up Dollars for another day= $21.07 Profit!

      Now you may be wondering if I'm going to need all these items.  I give away whatever I don't need to friends and family, and donate the rest to local shelters.  The point is, you can be saavy enough to MAKE money to buy the products you do need, such as toiletries, diapers, etc.  Because of this deal, I now have $21 extra to buy whatever I want!  Stay tuned for next week's deal, and an awesome tutorial on making your own note pads coming soon!