Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tutorial: Make a Dry Erase Board for Under $5!

     Nothing keeps me organized like a list, but the OCD side of me has to make a new list as I cross things off, cause who likes a messy list?  The result is 17 little scraps of paper a day.  Well, no more!  Yesterday when I was at Walmart, I swiped a $3 picture frame from their cheapie section, and went to town.  Here's what I made and how I did it.

 Here is the junky frame to start.

 I painted two coats of craft grade acrylic paint (the kind that costs less than a buck at Michael's), and sanded some areas for a shabby chic distressed look.  Here is a close-up of the distressing.

I then cut a piece of coordinating scrapbook paper and placed it in the frame.

The finished product!  As my tasks are completed, I simply wipe them off the board!

Frame $3
Dry erase markers (set of 2) $1.47
Paper and paint (I had on hand)

1 Hour