Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday Sale on Dragonfly Papers

Head on over to Dragonfly Papers this weekend to get a sweet deal on presents for loved ones and yourself!  Enter code, "BLACKFRIDAY20" to get 20% off EVERYTHING in the shop!  This deal will be good Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 26-29).

Friday, November 12, 2010

Letters From Santa

Last year's Letters From Santa was a big success, and I am hoping for even more interest this year, because the cause is so near and dear to my heart!

The Cause:Let me tell you a little about a family that is such a total inspiration to me.  Their names are the Ackermanns, and they left literally everything behind to follow their calling to El Salvador where they work with orphans and homeless.  (See website: They have lost everything (but gained as well!).  They believe so much in their cause and these children that they have used their own savings to help the project, and have even emptied their 401ks.  Their lives are total self-sacrifice.  In order to keep their mission going, they themselves go through trials, such as having their power shut off.  Would you help me in supporting their cause, and help the children of El Salvador?

The Letters: They will be made with cute Christmas stationery, and will be personalized with your child's name and special accomplishment for the year (ex: Honor Roll, potty training, getting along with sibling, etc.). It will be postmarked at the North Pole so it looks like Santa himself sent it. This year you can choose either a Christian or general message.

-100% of the profits will be donated to Susan and Kurt Ackerman for their orphanage and daily expenses!

Here's what I need from you:

1.Each child's name and accomplishment

2.$5 per child

3.A contact # for you (just in case I have any questions)

4. Let me know if you would like a Christian or general message.

Please send info and payment (cash or check) to:

Mackenzie Boothe 2282 Kings Creek Lane Newport News, VA 23602

I need to receive these by December 5th. If you would spread the word about this project, I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much for your help!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My favorite place to Shop for Christmas

     Well, Halloween is over which means every retailer in America is bombarding us with holiday music and threatening countdowns to Christmas. My husband and I have sworn that this is the year will be celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by spending more of our time and money on people in need, and my family is toning down the over-the-top festivities as well, but that being said, I cannot give up shopping altogether.  I just love picking out the right present for a person, and the anticipation is so great that I've been known to give presents away way before Christmas!  This is not to mention that absolute joy I have buying my kids presents, and watching them tear through the wrapping paper.  As long as we remember our Savior and his love this holiday season, a little shopping never killed anyone, right?
     Over the years, I have developed a tried and true method for Christmas shopping.  Years ago, I actually saved the festivities for Christmas Eve day, but looking back that seems absolutely crazy.  I now start plotting around Thanksgiving, and try to catch some of the awesome sales that start then.  Being a military family, we are always traveling over the holidays, and I have learned that buying stuff online and having it shipped to our holiday destination works the best, especially when we visit so many branches of the family. So the last two paragraphs were just a ridiculously long way to say that today I will be sharing some holiday shopping tips with you.
1. Black Friday- If you can handle it, the deals on the day after Thanksgiving can be absolutely amazing.  That being said, take it from someone who semi-seriously considered suicide while standing in line at a Children's Place last year: sometimes it is just not worth it.  If you live in a somewhat rural place it may totally be worth your while.  Newspapers reveal flyers for the event a day early, but searching many websites will give you sneak peeks way early.  Here are some: 

2. I have never used this site, but people rave about it all the time, so I might give it a shot this season.  They feature $1 shipping, no matter how much you buy.  That can really come in handy on those heavy items.
3. this website is kind of like Ebay on crack.  I have found some EXCELLENT deals on this site, which features bidding on jewelry and more.  It is very fast-paced, but I have found that if you stay up late at night there is less competition.  Get high-quality jewelry for a fraction of the price!
4. This website is like Ebay, only everything is handmade.  Support local artisans, or get a one-of-a kind piece from someone across the world.  They offer everything from jewelry to stationery, to clothing, toys, furniture and more! Prices are generally very reasonable. Support the handmade movement!
5. since I mentioned two sites "like" Ebay, I might as well give credit to the real McCoy.  I have found so many heartfelt gifts on this site over the years.  I think many people shy away from it because it may seem slightly tacky, but I can't tell you many awesome finds I have had on here.  Not only do I find awesome prices on crafty things like Cricut cartridges and accessories, I one year found an antique pencil box that so closely resembled my mom's childhood one that it brought tears to her eyes.  You could search and search through every antique store in your area and not find what Ebay has a hundred of.

     Well, this article either seemed horribly obvious, or gave you some new ideas.  Either way, I wish you the best in your shopping, and hope you avoid the homicidal urges which so often accompany the joys of the season!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Tribute to Nancy Drew

     Growing up, I just couldn't get enough of super-sleuth Nancy Drew and her adventures.  Still to this day when I see a well-loved, yellow covered book, the little girl in me wants to flip through the pages and see what capers Nancy will encounter.  While it is not exactly socially acceptable for a grown woman to devote hours to reading childrens' books by herself, what is all the rage are vintage items that conjure up that reminiscent feeling in us all.  Pair that with the green movement and you see a lot of vintage items being upcycled. Upcycling is the process of changing a vintage item into something with a totally different use.  It is a great way to hold on to the old while incorporating a new, functional item.  There are many great items out there, however today's tribute is to Nancy Drew, a wholesome girl who never aged over the ages, and will continue to find her place in the lives of women young and old.    

This secret hideout for your valuables is by Secret Safe Books on Etsy

This typewriter key necklace features a tiny picture from a Nancy Drew book.  It was made by lizzybleu on Etsy.

This Nancy Drew book was made into a clock, and was made by teamawesomebaby on Etsy.

This book has been turned into a journal intermixed with blank pages and pictures from the original story.  It was made by yours truly, Dragonfly Papers.

This book has actually been made into a purse!  Genius!  Made by retrograndma on Etsy.