Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Tribute to Nancy Drew

     Growing up, I just couldn't get enough of super-sleuth Nancy Drew and her adventures.  Still to this day when I see a well-loved, yellow covered book, the little girl in me wants to flip through the pages and see what capers Nancy will encounter.  While it is not exactly socially acceptable for a grown woman to devote hours to reading childrens' books by herself, what is all the rage are vintage items that conjure up that reminiscent feeling in us all.  Pair that with the green movement and you see a lot of vintage items being upcycled. Upcycling is the process of changing a vintage item into something with a totally different use.  It is a great way to hold on to the old while incorporating a new, functional item.  There are many great items out there, however today's tribute is to Nancy Drew, a wholesome girl who never aged over the ages, and will continue to find her place in the lives of women young and old.    

This secret hideout for your valuables is by Secret Safe Books on Etsy

This typewriter key necklace features a tiny picture from a Nancy Drew book.  It was made by lizzybleu on Etsy.

This Nancy Drew book was made into a clock, and was made by teamawesomebaby on Etsy.

This book has been turned into a journal intermixed with blank pages and pictures from the original story.  It was made by yours truly, Dragonfly Papers.

This book has actually been made into a purse!  Genius!  Made by retrograndma on Etsy.



  1. Thanks for featuring my Nancy Drew clock! I'm actually making a special order clock this week of the first Nancy Drew book -- how perfect will it be that "The Secret of the Old Clock" is going to be a clock? :)