Friday, February 4, 2011

Note Pad Tutorial

     I just love having a little note pad on hand to jot down little ditties.  Of course, I am a stationery nerd, but note pads truly are great for business promotion, or a thoughtful little gift for a friend.  Here's the cheap and easy way you can make yours at home.

1. Start by formatting a document in Microsoft Word.  Decide what shape you would like.  I chose to maximize my paper use by selecting an A2 (quarters of one piece of letter paper) size.  You could choose whatever size or shape you would like.

 2. Cut paper. I used my handy guillotine paper trimmer, which I couldn't live without.  Then stack paper neatly.

I just wanted to show you some of the detail of my note pad.  I chose to make one as a promotional item for my Etsy shop, Dragonfly Papers.

3. Flip paper over, and lay a cut piece of cardbord or chipboard on the back.  This will provide stability for your note pad.

4. Place pieces of text paper on front and back.  This will serve as a protectant for your pad since smearing on the sealant will get a little messy.  Clip paper together with binder clips.  These can be purchased at any office supply store.  The ones pictured were purchased at Michael's bargain bin for $.16.

5. Smear a silicone based sealant (found at Lowe's or Walmart) across the top of your note pad.  Smooth with your finger.

Here is a picture of the sealant I used.

6. Allow to dry overnight.  Peel protective pages away, and behold your cute note pad, perfect for promotion, gift or just your own personal doodle pad.  Pages will tear away cleanly.

Other suggested ideas for note pads:
Make your own mat stack pad out of scrapbook paper for a friend.
Make a design with your monogram.
Make a pad of tear away coloring pages for your child.
Make a note pad for your shopping lists.

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