Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Project: How to Make a Bowl from a Record

     Today's project is very simple, yet makes a pretty cool piece.  All you need is an old record, and you're set!

 Here is my record: an old Billy Joel favorite.

 Set your record on top of a bowl or mug that is oven safe, and place on a cookie sheet.  Set your oven's temp to 200 degrees.  (Any higher than this, and your record can release toxins.)

 After five or so minutes, your record will have slumped. It is cool enough to touch.  It will be flexible so you can shape it as you like.  If it loses its flexibility and you're not finished, simply pop it in the oven a little longer.  The record will get hard in about a minute.

 Here is one of my bowls being used as a holder for my mail and keys.

Another bowl is holding candy.  I would not suggest putting anything unwrapped in these bowls.  They are for decoration only.

There you have it.  Quick and easy art!

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