Saturday, April 23, 2011

Green Projects: Other Great Ideas

      Let me show you some other awesome green project ideas. People out there are insanely creative.  Here are some of their genius creations.

This creation from Better Homes and Gardens uses styrofoam balls and fabric scraps to make an eclectic centerpiece.
 This beautiful bracelet used to be a fork!  Made by MarchelloArt, it is the perfect example of repurposing something!

I am willing to bet you would not be able to guess what this mini purse is made from unless I told you.  Maybe if you could feel it. It has been crocheted from plastic shopping bags!  That's one way to keep them out of the landfill!  Made by shearmoresheep, this little baby is perfect for carrying your ID or credit cards!

I can't help but love this recycled journal, made from mailed letters and a cardboard box.  I love journals, and the quirkiness of this speaks to me! It is made by badbooks.

This tote, offered by itsourearth, is made from a coffee bean burlap sack.  Very cool.

Don't know what to do with all those leftover floppy discs? Curioustheatricals has made a mini journal out of theirs!

PicaPica offers this awesome bowl, made from melted army and cowboy figures!  How cool is that?

This bowl/platter, offered by Ibu, is made in the same fashion as my recycled coaster.  Very nice.

Hope you've enjoyed these ideas!

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