Friday, April 22, 2011

Green Project: How to Make Coasters from a Magazine

     Want to make something functional for your house at almost no cost at all?  Want to keep the kids busy for a while?  This project is for you!  All you need is an old magazine, tape and a glue stick.

 Tear pages out of a magazine you are finished with.  My coaster used about 20 pages.  You may want to choose your pages based on color.  For instance, if your page is text only, it may not make for a very colorful coaster.  Fold your page in half, lengthwise.

 Fold your page again.

 And again.

 Next, undo the fold you just did, and fold the edges toward the crease.  This will hide your raw edges.   Apply glue all over, and fold flat.

 Your page will look like this.  While it is still drying and pliable, start to roll on itself.  At the end of the strip, apply a piece of tape to the end, and tape to the roll.

 To start the next strip, simply attach tape to your next strip, and tape to the roll where you left off. Repeat MANY times! :)

 Here is the finished product. 

Your coffee table thanks you.

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