Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scripture Jars: A Tutorial

     These little jars are the perfect gift for a special friend, or just to keep around for yourself!  Each jar is made to hold 30 scriptures of any topic.  That way, you have a month's worth of encouraging words--one for each day!

     I found my jars at Michael's.  They were around $3, and had many options for size and shape.  First, I googled the type of scripture I was looking for.  This proved to be much easier than searching for each passage in the bible.  I would simply type, "Bible verse love," or "Encouragment scripture."  You get the idea.  I then copy and pasted onto a word document, and put the scriptures in various cute fonts.  I formatted my page to be in two columns.  This will save on paper.  I found thrity verses, and printed them on various colored paper.  You can use any color combination.  I chose pinks and purples because they are cute, and people associate these colors with love.

     The last step is cutting the scriptures into little slips of paper, and decorating them.  I used my hot glue gun to adhere cute little buttons and ribbon.  I then topped off the jar with a gingham ribbon, (Who doesn't love gingham?) and made a tag with the jar's theme.

     These jars make awesome gifts for teachers, friends, family and more!  Some other themes you might consider: Grief, Promises of God, Hope, Faith and Encouragement.  The Bible has so much practical advice.  You could make one of these jars for just about anybody!

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