Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cheap Diapers: How to Work Amazon Mom

     One great way to get cheap items for your kids is by using Amazon Mom.  They offer a service called Subscribe and Save which saves you 30% off the top of all the items you need: formula, wipes, diapers and more!  You will even get FREE shipping!  This is a great way to score some sweet deals on your basics.
    But wait!  There's more!  Amazon regularly puts coupons in Mom-ish magazines, such as Parenting and Baby Talk.  This month's Baby Talk has a $10 off coupon good for anything on coupon mom!  Don't subscribe?  It's easy to sign up for FREE.  Just head over to to sign up, and get these savings, and many other great coupons.  Free issues of the magazine are also available to take in hand at Babies R Us and Burlington Coat Factory.
     Here's one scenario:
          Buy a box of Luvs size 1 diapers (264 count), regularly priced at $35.54.  With Suscribe and Save, pay only $24.88.  Use $10 off coupon to pay only $14.88 with free shipping! That's only 5 cents a diaper delivered to your front door!

     Subscribe and Save is a service that allows you to get repeat orders of the baby products you use the most.  If you do not wish to repeat your order, simply log in to your account, and cancel the service.  It is very easy to do. Note: Don't cancel subscribe and save until your order has shipped.

UPDATE: There is also a $10 off coupon in the March issue of Parenting.  Be the next person to follow this blog, and I will send you a coupon code to save $10 on Amazon Mom!  Just comment with your email below, and follow We Can Do It Girls!


  1. I love your blog Mackenzie! I am getting ready to order diapers from Amazon and I would love that code. I have never ordered mom stuff from them before.

  2. It's on its way! Thanks for following!

  3. I can not wait to try this out. Sounds great!