Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things I Don't Buy Cheap

     I know some of you are thinking I am a total cheapskate, and you're mostly right.  I like to find a deal as much as anyone, but there are some places I just have to draw the line.  Many people buy generic to save money, and I do this as well, but there are some things I just have to splurge on.  In most cases, when it comes to toiletries and such, if you have a coupon, you'll probably be ahead buying the brand name, anyway.  So what do I NEVER buy cheap?  Here is a small list I've compiled.

1. Appliances. Any time I have ever cheaped out on an appliance purchase, I have been sorry.  Just ask my husband, who is still bitter about a refurbished coffee pot I bought years ago.  The thing spilled no matter how carefully you poured it, did not even make hot coffee, and the burner turned off after about 13 seconds.  He has since replaced it with a Bunn, and it brews a pot of coffee in three minutes flat. (Hold applause.)
     Same goes for our washer and dryer.  I was a broke college student when I bought them, so I didn't have much choice, but they never really got the clothes very clean.  I had to run stained clothes through several times to make them look nice.
     Even if you purchase the mid-grade appliances, this usually makes a huge difference.
2. Q-tips. I am obsessive compulsive about cleaning my ears.  I know that's a little weird.  I have to clean them every day as soon as I get out of the shower, and I do the same to my kids.  Wacky, I know.  The last thing I need is for the off brand product to fall apart in my kid's ear.  Either the cotton gets loose, or I am stabbing their eardrum with the cheap little stick thingy.  No way.
3. Kleenex.  I will only buy Kleenex or Puffs brand tissues.  Ever had a huge sneeze, and your snot goes through the tissue onto your hand?! Enough said.
4. Pop. (Or soda for you Southerners.) I will not be purchasing "Mountain Thunder" or anything like it anytime soon.  After I have gotten used to the real deal, the taste buds protest anything else.
5. Candy.  I will not buy generic candy.  This applies mostly to chocolate.  I need the quality stuff.  The generic stuff always seems so waxy, and if I'm gonna spend the calories, it had better be worth it.
6. Cooking products.  Ever spend an hour making fudge only to have it not set up right?  Okay, me neither, but I've been told it can happen.  (Truth be told, I've never even made fudge.)  You get the point, though.  I like Domino sugar, and King Arthur flour.  It's not that much extra, so I want what I want.
7. Toilet Paper. The cheap stuff just doesn't do it.

     To steal Walmart's slogan, if you save more, you live better.  And because I save money clipping coupons, shopping sales, and by scrimping on many things, I can splurge every now and then on the things I really want.

So what do you splurge on?  What are products that you would  never go generic on?  Comment below!

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