Monday, March 28, 2011

I Heart Mason Jars

     Originally used only in the kitchen, these vintage Mason jars hearken to a time of yesteryear, where women would spend hours canning in front of a hot stove to save enough food for their families come wintertime. They remind us of a day when things were made to last, when beauty and character were as important as function.  I just love these jars, and I'm honoring them here.  See below the many uses my fellow Etsians have found for these fantastic pieces of American history.

This jar has been turned into a soap dispenser, and would be perfect for your country kitchen!  Check it out at ShaneLilyRain.

This little jar has been made into a soy candle by DreambytheLake.

This beautiful light fixture was upcycled by BootsNGus.  It is awesome!

SimplyUniqueStuff uses this jar as an art piece, filled with classic and elegant seashells.  This would be beautiful anywhere in your home!

Here's how I use these great jars in my home:
I use them as canisters on my kitchen counter.  Here they hold coffee beans, creamer and Splenda.  They match my aqua color theme perfectly!

I also have this little cutie holding ribbon remnants in my craft room.  Decorative and functional!  Don't you just love the tobacco container next to it?  I scored it at a flea market for $5!  I love old tins and containers!

Do you have any ideas I missed?  How do you utilize jars in your home?  Comment below!


  1. If you are missing the tops to some of them, you could use them for drinking glasses in a country kitchen. Also, they hold buttons perfectly (with the lids). They make great flower vases for those wild flowers your children pick for you. You could put a votive or tea light candle in them. I LOVE your ideas here. I have a few old mason jars. I like old glass milk jugs too. We should go flea market shopping!