Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green Project: Making Bows from Scrap Paper

     Today's project is making bows from paper you don't need anymore.   Here's what you need:
                   Paper or Wrapping Paper
                   Double Sided Tape

 Start by selecting a paper that is around letter size (8 1/2" x 11").  Cut into 1 inch strips.  You will need three of the longest length, two of a slightly shorter length (about 2 inches shorter), and one strip that is about 4 inches long.

You will twist the strips into a figure eight design.

 Staple in the center.

 This is what your strips will look like before you assemble them.

 Layer three strips on top of each other, placing a piece of double sided tape in between each.

Follow with the two smaller strips, and top with the smallest strip, which is just a circle.

 You made a bow!

 Here is one from a map.

 And one from wrapping paper.

The finished product!  You can use any paper.  I am just showing recycling ideas.  A piece of double sided scrapbook paper would make a beautiful bow.

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