Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teapot Flower Arrangement

     In honor of my MOPS tea party today, I decided to make a little flower arrangement in my grandmother's old teapot. Plus it didn't hurt that the flower arrangement my husband bought me had daisies that are STILL kicking, so I ditched the wilted roses, and made this sweet arrangement.  Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crepe Paper Topiary Tutorial

     This week is my MOPS group's last meeting, and the theme is an old fashioned tea party.  We are supposed to decorate our tables, and I couldn't resist the temptation to make a topiary, something I've been wanting to do for a while.  Rosettes are all the rage right now, and I saw a great idea online for making them out of crepe paper.  They look surprisingly realistic, and are CHEAP to make.  It was time consuming fun to do! Here's what I did.
1 large roll of crepe paper
Glue gun and several glue sticks
dowel rod ( I used 7/8" size)
6" diameter styrofoam ball
4" floral foam
container of your choice
spanish moss

 Start by rolling the crepe paper. Try not to notice that my fingernails look like a little boy's.

 Keep rolling.

 Keep rolling. It is important to pinch the bottom as you roll.  This makes little pleats, and makes the "petals" full and realistic.  When the rose is your desired size, tear the paper, and dab a bit of hot glue onto the rose, holding the end in place. Repeat this step a gazillion times.

 Adhere the roses to the styrofoam ball with your glue gun.  Position them tightly so the styrofoam doesn't show through.

 Cut a hole in the center of your ball.  I used a knife to do this.  Fill with hot glue, and place the dowel rod in the hole, holding it in until the glue dries.  I ended up using about half the length of my dowel rod.

 Paint your dowel rod your desired color with craft paint. When your styrofoam ball is covered, stick it into floral foam.  I glued my floral foam to the bottom of the container for extra stability.

Cover the foam with spanish moss, and tie a cute bow around your dowel rod.  Your topiary is finished!  C'est magnifique!

Time elapsed: Too much! (But it really was easy and fun!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moving Time

     Well, the Navy says it's about that time, although it doesn't feel like it.  The moving company sent out a man today to assess our "situation," and I think he was none to happy about our chaotic garage or my crazy amount of craft supplies.  Hey, Buddy, how 'bout I snoop through your drawers and closets, and see what weird stuff you have hidden?
     It's starting to set in that I will be saying goodbye to all the close friends I have made here in Virginia.  I will miss them dearly.  I will also miss the Southernisms that I have come to love.  This little Yankee was starting to feel right at home here.  I've compiled a list of some of my favorite things that I will miss when we make the move to Rhode Island.

1. Politeness.  It is a stereotype that everyone in the South walks around saying "Ma'am," and holding the door open for you.  It is also true.  Nowhere else I have lived have I seen such a genuine politeness from most people.  Southerners will go out of their way to help you, cook you a meal, host a baby shower, and in general, pitch in on anything that needs pitched in on. (Am I allowed to use that many prepositions in a sentence?)  I will miss the camaraderie that I have with people here.

2. The weather.  First I grew up in the snow belt of Ohio where winter could be unbearable.  I remember walking across Ohio State's campus thinking I might possibly freeze to death before I reached my class. I would have worn a ski mask every day if that had been socially acceptable.  Then I moved to the Seattle area where it rained ALL. DAY. LONG. In short, Virginia's warm weather has spoiled me.

3. BBQ.  I have come to love it.  I always thought barbecue was grilling a chicken breast with some sauce you bought on the ketchup aisle.  Boy was I wrong!  Real Southern barbecue can't be beat.

4. Acting Ugly.  I love many Southernisms, but my favorite is the phrase, "acting ugly." In the North, we would say, "That guy is a jerk!" (Or worse! ;) )  In the South, you make your best disgusted face, and say that someone is acting ugly.  You also teach your children not to be ugly to one another.  I love it.

5. Bless His/Her Heart.  Another one of my favorite phrases is "Bless his heart."  I had heard this phrase before, but the meaning here is different.  Usually, one uses this phrase as a means to disguise gossip.  Example: "Have you heard that Billy is addicted to methamphetamines? Bless his little heart!"  Another way to use it is as a criticism. Example: "Sharon left her children in the hot car while she got her nails done, but she doesn't know any better, bless her heart."

6. Chattiness.  I can't even go to Walmart without someone chatting me up like we were old buddies.  People here strike up random conversations at any opportunity.  Unlike other places I've been where people mind their own business, and sometimes even avoid eye contact, Virginia is a chatty little place, and I like that.

     On a serious note, I am really going to miss my friends and the awesome church (Liberty Baptist) we've been attending.  You've all made it great, and I hope we will stay in touch.  Pray that this move will be a smooth one!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Presents for Hard to Buy for People

     Do you have a special someone that you love very much, but you never have a clue what to get them for any special occasion?  My husband is that person in my life.  What he wants he purchases for himself.  What he needs, he purchases for himself.  Alas, it seems as if he never needs or wants anything.  I can almost never figure out what to get him.  So yesterday was his birthday.  What's a girl to do?  I will share with you my idea, as cheesy as it is, because I hope it was better than nothing.
     Here's what I did.  I took 31 slips of paper and wrote 31 reasons why I love my husband. (Funny story: for some reason, I lost track of a year.  My husband actually turned 32 yesterday.  Woops!)  I then hid the slips of paper in different places he would find throughout the day, from the towel he would use after his shower, to his shoes, uniform pockets, you get the idea. 
What do you get for that hard-to-get-for person?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two Dozen Red Roses for $15

     Folks, it doesn't get much better than this!   Here is a chance to get the classic Mother's Day bouquet for your mom or wifey, and not break the bank!  Today, Mamapedia is offering the deal of $15 for $30 worth of flowers at (It is listed under Norfolk.)  As a special, Proflowers is running a deal where a bouquet of 12 roses comes with a bonus 12 more for only $29.95.  Use your Mamapedia deal to make it FREE ($15 total only!)  That's two dozen red roses for $15!  You can't beat that! Here is a link to the bouquet.  Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Random Things I Want

     Do you have a list of things in your mind that you'd love to have if you ever got the chance?  I'm not talking about a Mercedes here, or even a huge house.  I'm talking random little items that have no real use, but you'd still like to have them around?  Here is my list.

Vintage typewriter.  I will never forget the sound of my mom pounding away on her typewriter as she finished her Christmas newsletters.  Of course hers wasn't this awesome.  Offered by pinkbeeb0, it would be a perfect conversation piece in your home decor.

 A letterpress machine.  I LOVE the look of a fine letterpress invitation or card.  Of course, I am a stationery nerd.  Letterpress is a lot of work, and very messy, but the romance of it appeals to me.  I would probably never use it, but that doesn't stop me from wanting one.

 A Vintage Telephone.  I just love the look of an old telephone.  Isn't there something charming about this?  It's like a scene from the Great Gatsby right in your own living room!

 A church pew.  Now I know this sounds a little crazy, but I want you to know that I would only like a petite church pew.  Does that make it more sane? Brett didn't think so when I called him saying I had seen one at a yard sale a couple of months ago.  I would have snatched it up, too, but the lady wanted WAY too much for it.  Still, I just love the idea of having one of these as a bench in my home or on my porch.

 A Library Card Catalog.  What do I need a card catalog for?  I don't know!  I don't judge the weird stuff you buy!  I just love the aesthetic of this, and I could probably store some craft junk in the drawers.  See, I'm practical.

Recently, I fulfilled one of my nonsensical dreams with a purchase on Ebay.  I have always wanted a piece of sweetheart jewelry, and finally found one that spoke to me.  Sweetheart jewelry originated during WWI, but really became popular during WWII.  Usually, the pieces of jewelry are made to incorporate a piece of militaria, such as a pin, collar device, etc.  What a piece of history!  I am so excited to have it.  I just imagine some woman wearing it while steadfastly waiting for her sailor to return from the war.  So romantic.  What a great era!

So there's a somewhat truncated list for you.  What nonsense items would you like to purchase?