Thursday, May 5, 2011

Birthday Presents for Hard to Buy for People

     Do you have a special someone that you love very much, but you never have a clue what to get them for any special occasion?  My husband is that person in my life.  What he wants he purchases for himself.  What he needs, he purchases for himself.  Alas, it seems as if he never needs or wants anything.  I can almost never figure out what to get him.  So yesterday was his birthday.  What's a girl to do?  I will share with you my idea, as cheesy as it is, because I hope it was better than nothing.
     Here's what I did.  I took 31 slips of paper and wrote 31 reasons why I love my husband. (Funny story: for some reason, I lost track of a year.  My husband actually turned 32 yesterday.  Woops!)  I then hid the slips of paper in different places he would find throughout the day, from the towel he would use after his shower, to his shoes, uniform pockets, you get the idea. 
What do you get for that hard-to-get-for person?

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