Friday, June 17, 2011

And I'm Back!

     Whew!  Sorry I've been gone so long!  We are finishing up our move from Virginia to Rhode Island, and things have been hectic!  My parent's came to visit, and Brett and I went on a trip to NYC.  Between unpacking, decorating, and traveling, I have had little time to blog.
     I am super excited about some how-to projects that will be coming your way shortly, but in the meantime here's a simple trick I learned during the move.  I don't mind hanging pictures.  It makes your house feel like a home.  But what of those pesky double hanger frames?  If you don't measure properly, your picture takes forever to hang, and you put about twenty nail holes in the space of a half-dollar.  A We Can Do It Girl knows how to proficiently use tools, but why bust them out when it's not necessary? Here's the lazy way to hang a picture frame.

 Here is my pesky picture.

 Take some painter's tape that you have lying around from all that painting you've been doing, and stretch it from the center of one hanger to the other.

 Remove the tape from the back of the frame, and hang it on the wall where you want your picture to be.  Stand back and see if it looks straight.

 If it looks good, hammer in nails on either side of the tape.

 There it is, the lazy approach to hanging a straight picture. No measuring tape or level needed. 
P.S. I found this little Eastlake chair at Goodwill for $12 and re-covered it. Not too shabby!

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