Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Heart Heartsy

     Let me tell you about my favorite new obsession.  Are you a fan of Groupon like I am?  They offer some good deals, but let me tell you about something even better.  It's called Heartsy, and is more awesome than I can even tell you.  I should seriously be a spokesperson, or something.
     Heartsy offers daily deals from {my favorite website} Etsy in several areas, such as jewelry, paper goods, bath and body, clothing, accessories and more.  Each day you will have around five deals to choose from.  The deals are generally great, but if you sign up to be a VIP for only $7.99 a month, the deals become sensational.  A monthly charge seems like a pain, but it will pay for itself in your first purchase, as VIPS receive an extra $10 credit on most deals.
     Here's why Heartsy is so cool: You can buy gifts for others (or yourself!) for CHEAP! I bought myself a necklace with the boys' birthstones for a little over $18, including shipping!  Some deals are as low as $6!  Do you have a small budget for a friend's upcoming birthday?  Want to buy a little something for your mom just because?  Heartsy is the place!  But wait, there's more! Use this link to sign up, and receive $5 FREE to get started! You won't be disappointed!

 These bracelets, offered by DarkChocolateNTulips are part of Monday's deal.  VIPs will spend $20, and get $50 worth of product.  You can personalize TWO of these bracelets for that price with any message you'd like!

Check out these earrings in a $11 for $38 deal by Lilly Queen. $38 of jewelry would only cost you $6 if you sign up using the link above! Wow!

I hope you love Heartsy as much as I do!

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