Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

The family and I have been enjoying our 4th of July weekend.  Last night we went to see fireworks in Jamestown, RI, and had a great time.  It was a little foggy, so the fireworks had a muted look to them, which was different, but still beautiful.  

 Nolan and I get ready for the fireworks.  I look about twelve with my new bangs here.

 My boys snuggle up and watch the fireworks.  I'm one lucky gal.

 Look at this cutie pie!

Today we got up early to head to Bristol, RI's 226th Annual Fourth of July Parade.  That's right, they've been having an Independence Day parade since our country was just 9 years old!
 On the main strip before the parade begins.

 It's a pretty scenic place, no?

 Hudson was thirsty and the only nearby vendor was a burrito stand which only sold Mexican sodas.  So Mexican soda it was.

 Nolan was cracking me up trying to drink his.

Oh, yeah, the parade.  It had some great features, but we had about our fill an hour into it.  Something about getting up early, and waiting hours for a parade to start and all that.

Tonight we will watch the fireworks (again) being set off at Ft. Adams.  You know I like cheap entertainment!

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day.  Our country is great because of those who have stood up for our freedoms, and those who protect us daily still.  God bless America!  We are so blessed to live in this great nation!

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