Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Month of Challenges: Day 18

     Today's challenge is to get your craft on.  You may take the next few days to plan out your craft, and work on it this weekend if that is what your schedule allows.  I always feel so accomplished when I finish a project, and can stand back and say, "I made that!" If you need some inspriration, hit up Pinterest.  Here are a few easy and cheap projects I found as suggestions.  Check 'em out, and get crafting!

 This bulletin board, shown by two twenty one, can be made simply by covering a cheap bulletin board with pretty fabric, and adding tacks along the edge.

 These coasters are made with cheap ceramic tiles from any home improvement stores.  Decoupage any napkin, paper, map, etc, and have personalized coasters!  I think it would be great to have a map of every place we've lived, so we take a little bit of that place with us on each move.  See Carolina Cottage if you would like to purchase them instead!

This lip gloss is made with only two ingredients!  How much fun would this project be to include the kids?  See Meet the Dubiens for instructions!

What kind of craftiness will you get into this week?

Thanks for following our month of challenges.  I hope it has been a fun time for you!

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