Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

     Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope today will find you feeling loved and cherished!  Hud's kindergarten class is celebrating with a party, and instead of buying some boxed valentines, I decided to get a little crafty.  What can I say, I am nesting, and have odd bursts of random energy which I use for projects that have no real value or bearing on my life. :)  I found this idea on Pinterest, and knew it was perfect for his little buddies.
     I took a photo of Hud holding his fist out.  Word to the wise, the lower your child holds his hand in the frame, the easier it is to punch the hole for the sucker, as a hole puncher will only go in so far. I had the photos printed at Walmart. I then glued cardstock as a backing for him to write his message, punched the hole, and threaded a sucker through it.  I placed a sticky dot on the sucker so it would stay in place, and not come loose in transit.  You know how kids are!  Here is the finished project.

24 Valentines
Cost: About $8 for photos and suckers
Time: 1 Hour

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