Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rite Aid: My Favorite Place to Shop

     After three different trips to Rite Aids in the area in one day, even my three year old son has begun to understand my love affair with Rite Aid.  A Rite Aid commercial comes on the tv, and he says, "There's your favorite store, Mama." And he's right.  Who wouldn't love a place where I can save so much, and even MAKE money on some trips.
     I have to admit, I started out a toal skeptic.  When Jen told me how much I could be saving, I thought that it would be difficult, or take a lot of time.  What I've grown to find is that is simple once you catch on, and the time is well worth the money in savings!  As pathetic as it sounds, shopping at Walgreens and Rite Aid has become a hobby of sorts for me.  To show you the basics, I have outlined the main ways to save at Rite Aid.

1. Coupons
     If you don't get the Sunday paper delivered to your house you are missing out.  Mine is delivered for $.99.  You can't beat that.  I clip about 20 times worth that amount in coupons each week, usually more.  In the paper you will get the Rite Aid (and other) flyers which will enable you to match coupons to sales.  If you don't have to be brand specific about items, you will be saving the big bucks in no time.  Even if there is not a sale, clip every coupon there is even a remote chance of using, and save it for the future.  Chances are there will be an upcoming sale or rebate to match that coupon.
2.  Rite Aid Rebates (Single Check Rebates)
     Each month Rite Aid puts out a flyer that lists all of the rebates they are offering.  When you purchase qualifying items, you simply enter the information from your receipt on their website, and Rite Aid keeps track of your rebates, and will send you a check when you request it. 
3.Video Values
     This program is on Rite Aid's website, and consists of you watching short videos about products.  After watching them, you are able to print out valuable coupons that are combinable with manufacturer's coupons.  For instance, a video value coupon is $2, and you have a $2 coupon from the paper = $4 off that product.  After earning 20 credits by watching videos, you are able to print off a $5 off $25 coupon.  These coupons are invaluable!  I simply take a trip to Rite Aid and try to hit the $25 mark.  With sales, coupons and rebates, I am often able to check out owing pennies, and expecting a rebate check in the mail!
4. +UP Rewards
     Rite Aid just started a program where the purchase of certain items will cause coupons to print out at the end of your purchase.  These can be used like cash on your next purchase toward ANY item.
     This website will lay out how to get the deals at Rite Aid, and even has sneak previews of next week's flyer so you can strategize when to use coupons.  There are even printable coupons on the side to help you save extra money.  She usually has links to more $5 off coupons, so you can stock up for those multiple trips.
6. Combining All of the Above!
     The above five strategies can be combined to save you a bunch of $$!!

     You may still be doubting if this is worth the trouble.  While I doubted at first, too, I have been completely won over, and save hundreds each month.  Jen stockpiled a bunch of free items she had purchased, and sold them at her yard sale, making around $200!!  It is worth your time.  There are items that are especially easy to get cheap, such as name brand diapers, toiletries, and household goods, and matching up the above ways to save will save you tons! There are links on Rite Aid's website to access all these deals.

Here are a couple of examples of freebies from this week's sales flyer:

This toothpaste is on sale for $3.  After purchase, you will receive a coupon for $3, making it essentially free.  Even better, I have a coupon for $1 off, so I will pocket $1 and get a toothpaste.

This offer costs $3.99.  Rite Aid is offering a $2.99 rebate, and giving you a $1 coupon when you check out, so it is free.  One more example, even though I'm sure you're getting the point.

This body wash is on sale for $1.99.  You get a $1 +UP Reward upon purchase, and there is a $1 off coupon in today's paper= +$.01 profit for you!

     Give Rite Aid a shot.  If you can work the system, you can make out like a bandit!

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