Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to Make Unhealthy Food Look Like Other Unhealthy Food

     I had a spare minute one evening, so I took it to do something creative. The only thing better than getting time to be crafty is ending up with something edible and delicious.  I saw the idea for these little burgers on Pinterest, and knew I would love giving it a try.  Not only was it easy, it was nowhere near as time consuming as I thought it would be. Here's what I did.
     I started by baking white cupcakes.  At the same time I poured a small amount of chocolate cake mix into a pan. You will only want it to be 1/4" deep. You will want to keep a close eye on the chocolate batter since it is so shallow and doesn't need much time to bake.

     Once the cupcakes are done, cut them in half with a bread knife. Use a small circular cookie cutter to cut circles out of the chocolate cake. This will be the meat part of the burger.

I layed the bottom part of the cupcakes out, then place the "burgers" on top.

I mixed three colors of frosting to look like lettuce, ketchup and mustard. I poured the frostings into ziplock freezer bags, snipped one corner a little bit, and squirted each color randomly across each burger.

I then placed the cupcake tops on the burgers, and made the finishing touch by sprinkling sesame seeds across each lid. Just moisten your fingers and rub the bun lids, and the sesame seeds will stick like magic!

These were fun to make, and only took me about an hour to create!  They would be so cute for a child's birthday party or cookout!

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