Monday, December 5, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Gift Idea

     My mom is an absolute nut about Christmas.  She carols her neighbors every Christmas Eve, shops for presents all year long, and keeps a nostalgic childhood Christmas tree up all year round.  This year will be the first that none of her children are home for Christmas day. I wanted to do something special to lead up to the big day when her grandkids would be knocking on her door.  She has always loved, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song, so I did a little spin on it to personalize it for her.  I picked out some of her favorite candy, made some sentimental goodies, and bought some items for the holiday festivities. Here is what some of the packages look like.  If your special person lives close, you may want to consider delivering a package each day.  You could leave it in their car, on their doorstep, in their mailbox, etc.  My mom lives a long ways away, so I will box everything up, mail it, and hope I can trust her to open one at a time!

I love the kraft look, so I wrapped my presents in brown paper bag wrap I found at my local Dollar Tree. 

 I cut out some snowflakes the old fashioned way, and others I cut with my Cricur machine.  I also cut tags and numbers with my Cricut.

 I love baker's twine!  The floral piece on this package also came from Dollar Tree.

This snowflake was cut out with my Cricut.

Here are some ideas for your 12 Days of Gifts:
Picture albums
Bath goodies
A CD of holiday music
Favorite recipes
Cookie cutters
A small piece of jewelry
A calendar for the coming year
Handmade ornaments
Anything else you can imagine!

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